Essay on Magistrates Court Research Assignment

Essay on Magistrates Court Research Assignment

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Unit 1: Criminal law, Outcome 3: Magistrates court research assignment
1. Define key legal terminology such as court hierarchy, jurisdiction & court personnel
Court hierarchy
A court hierarchy is a structure or or order of rank of courts within a state or country. The court hierarchy allows each court to deal with specific types of cases according to the seriousness of the crime and the courts jurisdiction. Hence, courts dealing with more serious offences would be higher in the court hierarchy than the courts dealing with less serious offences. In Victoria- the Supreme court is the is the apex of the state court system, with the County court and Magistrates court below.
Jurisdiction is the authority vested in a court to hear criminal/civil matters. Jurisdiction can be limited/extended by certain factors including, but not limited to, the types of cases, geographical location and monetary limits.
Court Personnel
2. Reasons for a court hierarchy?
There are several reasons why the existence of a Court hierarchy is beneficial towards Victorias Judicial system. These include:
Specialisation: Courts are ranked in order of importance according to the types of cases they are most likely to hear. Therefor, as the Supreme Court hears serious indictable offences involving, but not limited to murder and treason, it ranks above the County Court, which hears all indictable offences not related to murder. The Magistrates Court hears all summary offences, and holds committals for indictable offences . Theoretically, a theft charge could be heard in the Supreme Court, but would be...

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...d on bail, awaiting an Appeal date.

Criminal charge:

Theft and fraud; 140 charges (18 February 2014)

Criminal penalty:

Subject to appeal: 12 months custody, with 9 months suspended over 2 years (25 March 2014)

Criminal status:

Granted bail pending outcome of appeal against conviction and sentence (25 March 2014)
Conviction: Subject to appeal: Theft and fraud; 65 charges (25 March 2014)


10. Bibliography'_Court_of_Victoria
Key concepts in VCE Legal Studies Units 1+ 3
Sam Richards

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