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Magic Of Children 's Literature Essay

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Magic in Children’s Literature
They creativity of authors and illustrator gives books a magical touch that plays an important role in children literature. As illustrators are choosing the characters for the stories they are very careful, they take in consideration the age of children. Children books may have a magical touch in their characters, illustrations, and in their setting. The magic catches the children’s attention making the book more interesting for them to read and learn from them. Magic realism is a style of painting and literature in which fantastic or imaginary and often unsetting image or events are depicted in a sharply detailed, realistic manner (web, dictionary, com).
Children literature and the process of learning takes place as children are exposed to books. “Literature develops children thinking skills as it also promotes reasoning related to sequence, cause and effect, character motivation, predictions and critical analysis of the story. Children literature provides pleasure to listeners and readers, using high-quality literature helps to develop enthusiastic readers” (Roe, Ross). From time to time the children will identify themselves with different character in a story and that is the reason that they choose the books. The main character may be represented by a toy, robot, an animal or any other character that is a real person. Children also select their books based in the different character that there could be. Another way children choose their books would be based in their favorite “super hero, animal, princess, or multiple characters. During the semester we read many books that had different character and we were able to see how each and every one of the character roles were different from each o...

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...f the children books are the once that add the magic to the books. They add the magic as they set character for the story and assign their role. As the authors and the illustrator’s choose their character they take in consideration the coming of age of the children as well as the coming of age of the character too. They to this to better target their audience and make them more appropriate for them. Giving the children a diversity of books to choose from and be able to learn that love for literature. Children can only learn this with the creativity that the author and illustrator put in the stories. Magic in children literature plays an important part because it make the children use their imagination and use different ways of thinking, they might learn a more from the story or a theme that they are presented with. Children also learn an important information

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