Magic Carpet Airlines Collective Bargaining Essay

Magic Carpet Airlines Collective Bargaining Essay

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Magic Carpet Airlines Collective Bargaining
Magic Carpet Airlines (MCA) is in the midst of a collective bargaining negotiation with a union and this paper will present the case from the union’s side of the bargaining table. First, one must understand the meaning of collective bargaining negotiations; this is when both sides of the negotiations discuss wages and others perks and then come to an amicable agreement. Collective bargaining is not a simple negotiation process, because the employer and the union usually meet on more than one occasion, due to the fact that union negotiators must keep their members informed during the process and they must also present any offers to their constituents for a yes or no vote to accept said terms being offered by the employer. The textbook offered the Magic Carpet collective bargaining as a case study and students were asked to analyze the issues being negotiated, determine ways to address the issues and point out potential opportunities that may arise from the negotiations.
Before commencing with negotiations the union designates a team to handle the negotiations with MCA. Once a negotiation team is in place, it is necessary to meet with the union members to gain their agreement and cooperation in regard to the negotiations. During the meetings the union will listen to their concerns and questions in regard to the process and they are then given a timeframe of how long the negotiation process should take.
The next step would be to meet in order to decide on what objectives are to be met and to create an agenda of the pertinent topics to be covered when meeting with MCA. The major objectives for the union to negotiate are listed below, along with two potential opportunities:
• Wages- Sho...

... middle of paper ...

...A needs time to grow their revenue and ensure that the consumers that previously used RCA airlines will continue with MCA.
Union negotiators can now communicate a positive message to their members. The negotiation was a success because both parties were amicable and willing to participate in a fair negotiation process. Also, presenting the contract in a line-by-line manner gives the illusion that one is not asking for much in comparison to presenting the full contract. The union applied pressure by presenting factual evidence to back up their claims in regard to their demands. Remember, during negotiations to remain respectful to the opposing party, while at the same time showing some force. Another important point to remember is to never stall the negotiations, always have a figure that one is willing to accept. In other words be willing to meet in the middle.

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