The Magic Barrel Anylisis by Bernard Malamud Essay example

The Magic Barrel Anylisis by Bernard Malamud Essay example

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At the beginning of Bernard Malamud, “The Magic Barrel,” starting off with a children’s book style as if it was going to be a fairy tale. This is not the case whatsoever, however, each character plays the role of one. Love and finding who himself is the theme of the story, a young man Leo searches for a love that doesn’t exist. Not searching at all for what he desired, but changing his whole understanding on who he is after every experience, a love that he needed was never searched for, but finding it caused him to find himself. The story takes place in New York, a very large city with floating objects around it giving it an unnatural feel. Can also be related to how the author never understood the Jewish community and these floating objects represent a Jew that is lost in his own society, known by all as a dream city. However, that is not the case for Leo, after waiting all these years to his studies, trying to find the easiest way to become a rabbi, marriage. Being where Salzman the marriage broker comes into play. Not only did he want to find love for his lost years he believes that this is the source to find who he is. However, throughout his journey, trying to find a wife, he realizes that in order for him to do so. He wants to find his love for God that he has lost over the years. Hoping to find this throughout his research, he faces the fact that he will never be connected to him as much as he needs to be. Also, finding his wife would be his choice for survival in this world that he now lives on. After being lost and confused throughout the years.
Realizing that in order to find himself Leo discovers that the love for god and another woman is the only way. After hiring Salzman, turning down every girl that he has been off...

... middle of paper ...

...he characters play out to be and even though the ending is not perfect. The struggle that Leo faced was a punishment for the reasons he had in searching for this wife. The authors past and religion also played a significant role in this story. This reason was not just thrown in there, but the clearly thought out by the author in order to get the experience a young rabbi went through at this time. So it could express the relation he had with him at that time of confusion

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