The Magazine : A Woman 's House Essay

The Magazine : A Woman 's House Essay

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The magazine also encouraged women to be better mothers and housewives. It was believed that there was no better career for a woman than being a housewife and if she wanted to pursue a career, she had to know how to be a proper housewife first. In one of the articles called “I’m So Glad to Be a Woman”, the article talked about how a woman should feel lucky that she got to play the role of the caretaker, cleaner, interior designer, laundress, cook, seamstress, and psychologist at home because it was as though all of the her dreams were coming true at once. The editor called a woman’s house her “lighthouse for dreams” and believed that playing so many roles at home would bring variety in their lives. According to the article, the woman did not have to leave the house to achieve her dream because all the different possible professions were right at home . This idea was frequently seen throughout the magazines and a woman’s household was considered extremely important because “a woman’s house is her kingdom, where she creates her own gaiety, peace and respect for growing.” Likewise, in response to the question that “will I be a happy wife?” the counselor suggested his readers to ask themselves the question that if they would prefer homemaking and taking care of children to any other career. He implied that after you got married there was little chance for a woman to have a serious career because she had to be focused on her husband and children . The idea that women could not have a career at the same time as a family was being perpetuated in the article. The very next article contradicted the previous article, but still emphasized the importance of being a good housewife. The article saluted five women for being housewives and worke...

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...uld be a catalyst for change.
Through my analysis, I was able to conclude that the messages told to women in 1960 somewhat resembled to what they are told today. Magazines still believe that marriage is more important to women than to men and they are still given tips on how to look good for their significant others. Beauty is also remains an important factor in a woman’s life. However, unlike in the magazines from the 1960s, an increased cultural diversity of women can be found in magazines nowadays and women are also pushed towards jobs that were previously considered as a man’s job. Unfortunately, women are also sexualized more often in current publications and viewed as sexual objects. Even though the magazines today are progressing in terms of understanding a woman’s true potential, there are still traditional themes about womanhood and motherhood that appear.

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