The Mafia Did Not Kill John F. Kennedy Essay

The Mafia Did Not Kill John F. Kennedy Essay

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Since the death of John F. Kennedy many theories have evolved regarding the individual or individuals who killed the president. Conspiracy theorist, as well as average citizens, believes Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president, or that he was not the only person involved in the assignation. According to a 2005 poll 35.90% of the respondents believe someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy (
View Poll Results: Who killed JFK?
Lee Harvey Oswald 13 16.46%
Lee Harvey Oswald and someone else 12 15.19%
Someone else 29 36.71%
Other 9 11.39%
The bullet, DUH! 16 20.25%
Voters: 79. You have already voted on this poll

Possible suspects who may have had a motive to kill President Kennedy range from the CIA and future President George Herbert Walker Bush, the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Russians, the Nazi’s, the man Kennedy defeated in the 1960 election future President Richard M. Nixon, and the Mafia (Anders) to name a few. This paper will focus on the Mafia connections and the reasons why they were not involved in the assignation of the president.
The Kennedy family connections with the Mafia can be traced back to the time before the great depression. President Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, during prohibition became friends with a very powerful man in the Mafia, Sam Giancana, who was from Chicago. He was one of the most powerful men in the Mafia. The President’s father and Mr. Giancana made a fortune selling illegal liquor. They developed a friendship that lasted a lifetime (Cardinale).
According to Cardinale Joe Kennedy wanted to become president but he knew because of his past ac...

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