Madonna As Anima Figure By F. Jose Blanco Essay

Madonna As Anima Figure By F. Jose Blanco Essay

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This is a critical review of the article “ How to Fashion an Archetype: Madonna as Anima Figure” written by F. Jose Blanco, published on the 19th January 2015. As the title of the article indicates, the article is focused on Madonna and her influence on fashion, which the author connects her to psychologist Carl Jung’s Anima Archetype. Madonna Ciccone, the “Queen of Pop” is known as an important and leading fashion figure in the pop culture with her unique and outstanding outfits. Madonna not only uses fashion as a signifier to communicate different personae, or the disguise or appearance that a person represents to the world. But she is also the creator of various personae throughout her career “virgin, boy-toy, whore, material girl, pregnant teen, glamor diva, femme fatale, geisha, ethereal girl, priestess, cowgirl, soldier, and more” (1153). The author explains how the Jungian archetypes analysis applies to Madonna: the four stages of anima development: Eve, Helen, Mary and Sophia. Eve as a figure of desire, Helen as the classical beauty who inspires men to great deeds, Mary as the virtuous mother and at last, Sophia as the figure of wisdom and enlightenment. In Jungian analysis, the anima archetype is the collective unconscious image of the female, which is also said as universal and permanent, but Madonna challenges the original meaning of it by recreating her own anima. Throughout Madonna’s career, her use of fashion as a persona progresses as she encounters different transformation in her life. I chose this article for review because Madonna is a good representation of how dress and identity relates to each other, she is different from other pop singers by using fashion to communicate and convey various messages and meaning...

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... an archetype that resembles Lilith, his anima archetypes also consists of the qualities that Lilith presents. On the other hand, there is a point that both Sochen and Blanco have in common, which they both agreed that Madonna spends the most of her early career exploring the Eve archetype. “A look into Madonna’s persona during the first ten years of her musical career indicates that the singer spent most of her time channeling the figure of Eve” (1156). The use of this cited resource has strengthened the article by restating and supporting some of the points that Blanco points out with the Jungian analysis. Although Sochen does not have the exact same concept as Jung, her analysis gave a similar interpretation so the article will be more reliable and trustworthy to the readers themselves, this resource is important for the readers and Blanco has used it effectively.

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