The Madam And The House Cleaner Essay examples

The Madam And The House Cleaner Essay examples

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The White apron is a powerful play about socioeconomic problems and inequality in our community. In the play we are introduce to two main characters, the madam and the house cleaner. Secondary characters include the distinguish gentleman and swimmers on the beach. The play takes place on the beach during the month of March. In the beginning of the play, the author reminds us the readers the immediate difference between the physical appearances of the two women. We are also made aware that there are not only physical differences between the two women, but also that of social status and financial stability. The madam is a woman of her thirty; she has light hair and has a somewhat attractive face. We also know that the madam has a husband and a young son. Whereas the maid is in her twenties, she has a fair complexion, black hair, placid and pleasant face. She is from a lower social class.
Throughout the play there are many mention on the differences between the upper and lower social class. The first instant is the madam’s idea behind the lower working class especially the life of field tenants. The madam makes a clear statement that she believes those that live in the fields live the good life, because they are given access to their own block to cultivate, have free food and even the ability to sell their own crops. However, what the madam does not realize is that tenants do not have access to the best fields, they have to pay to use their fields and they are not always able to sell their crops for the best price. Therefore, maintaining the increasing gap between the two social classes.
As we get more into the play the author, makes mention of another difference between the younger and older generations. The madam represents th...

... middle of paper ...

...think it is when the distinguish gentleman begins to speaking to maid that we get the really background behind the play.
In conclusion, society often relies a lot, on how a person looks as indication of their class and prestige. The author really makes us look at the way the order of the world is established and its unchangeable ways. It is fact that order in society is hard to change after it has been set in stone. The most interesting part of this play that we as the readers do not understand until the very end is that maybe the maid from the beginning was actually the lady overall, but what we do understand is that Alvarito may be the maid’s son rather the original lady or that she views him as her son because of how long they have been around each other. This seems to be really common stereotype about nannies that work with children from upper class families.

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