Essay about Machiavelli 's Moral And Religious Considerations

Essay about Machiavelli 's Moral And Religious Considerations

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A successful ruler, contending with indifferent to moral and religious considerations. Machiavelli asserted that kings or princes should only be concerned with preserving and strengthen the states power and must ignore the question of good and evil, morality and immorality. The way he gave political advice can defiantly help and hurt politician in a modern democratic society. He states "Thus it is well to seem merciful, faithful, humane, sincere, religious and also to be so: but you must have the mind so disposed that when it is needful to be otherwise you may be able to change to the opposite qualities." I personally think that Machiavelli prince would be a great at all the things he states in the reading. Being merciful, many of the people will expect the mercy from him and not do what they should. Faithful to someone or things he will become more straight forward and they can deceive him. If he is going to always be humane, people shouldn’t have to fear over dishonesty or betrayal. Sincere, he can’t keep something a secret or hide something that needs to be kept private. Lastly if he is going to be religious he is pretty much the subject to the people of the church. Therefore, I think it is not really necessary for the prince to have all of the named qualities but you could say its good to seem to have them. Although he states that a prince must take great care that nothing comes out of his mouth which isn’t from the above named five qualities. You can observe all the things which are considered good in men when becoming a new prince. Machiavelli’s advice to princes was so ground breaking at that era. It gave the princes a break from the other teachings of medieval political and more philosophers. With all the rules he told the...

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... loved as a leader, the people will trust you more and I think you will have a batter chance at getting people doing more fulfilling tasks. So I mean you defiantly can use his advice nowadays but you can balance between both being loved and feared. Looking back at some other people, Pico della Mirandola, of Pope Gregory VII and of Innocent II, there are some differences but they all compare. When it comes to human nature, Machiavelli is so limited. He thinks humans at time are to be either good or evil. Where Pico della Mirandola: humans possess humanity and the ability to reason and they all were created with qualities of both divine and earthy. Mirandola said human nature is free will, They will have a chance to shape ones life. The both of them both thought humans had the chance to be good or evil! Machiavelli definitely showed how politics were really conducted.

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