`` Machiavelli Meets Magic `` : The Popular Game Of Thrones Television And Book Series Created By George R.r

`` Machiavelli Meets Magic `` : The Popular Game Of Thrones Television And Book Series Created By George R.r

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“Machiavelli meets magic” is an apt description for the popular Game of thrones television and book series created by George R.R. Martin. This historical fiction is an amalgamation of the fantasy medieval setting mixed with the political realism that we find in modern times. The complex web of birthright, social protocol and patronage parallels the modern political arena more than the simplistic good versus evil story arc we tend to read in fantasy novels. In this world where playing politics is as lethal as war, Machiavellianism is the order of the day.
Niccolo Machiavelli is often called the father of political theory due to his instruction of political realism and instrumental power. The Prince was written to help the Medici’s succeed in Florence by offering a manual to create a politically and militarily consolidated state. With the belief that if the Medici family adheres to his envisioned New Prince, not only will his state thrive but his instruction and patronage will be rewarded with a respectable political appointment. Machiavelli’s work was immortalized, though not through a political appointment, but because it was the first work that advocated ruling based on a comparative view of history and modern events and was the break in political idealism and realism. Since The Prince is a rulebook that is designed to help rulers maintain the power they have obtained, Machiavelli lists specific actions and attitudes that rulers must have in order to succeed.
George R. R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, visits a fictional society that is a combination of elements found in the Enlightenment era and medieval England. The narrative takes place in Westeros, a continent country ruled by feudalism and headed by a patern...

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... of Ice and Fire is Tywin Lannister. Depicting the idea of the ruler who obtains power through wickedness Tywin built an empire from the ashes of his inherited Lordship. Tywin recognizes that he does not have legitimate social claim to the throne but he still wishes to hold as much power as possible. Observing how his father governed with his weak morality taught Tywin to separate his public and private face. In order to regain the power, profit, and prestige his father had squandered, Tywin made an example of the Reyne family. Utilizing Machiavellian ideas of “well used cruelty” and “suitable excuses to kill”, Tywin’s Agathoclean bold achievements answers the question of “whether it is better to be loved or feared”. Now in order to further build his power and fortune, all Tywin has to do is send a bard to remind subservient and rebels of what he is capable of doing.

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