Macbeth : The Selfish Desires Of His Own Destiny Essay

Macbeth : The Selfish Desires Of His Own Destiny Essay

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How much of an influence does fate have on the ideals of a person? Is Macbeth acting out the selfish desires of his own accord? Fate is thought to be unavoidable, and all the paths of life lead to a destiny that is inescapable. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, not only is Macbeth’s hand forced in committing a murder, his fate is expedited in the process. Macbeth is in control of his own destiny, but is spurned into decisions by the Witches and his wife. Although Macbeth believes he is controlled by fate, a more thorough inspection reveals his control over all his actions.
The effect fate has first appears in Macbeth when Lady Macbeth receives the witches’ letter telling of a prophecy. This prophecy reveals that Macbeth will seize the crown, and become the next king after Duncan. Believing that fate doesn’t force things into action, Lady Macbeth is afraid her husband will not act on this opportunity. She proceeds to prick at his sides until action is taken. Her personal gain is worth more than the life Macbeth must endure. According to Philip Weller (Weller, 2011), Fate also plays a role in the mental capacity of Macbeth, Quoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “Rather than so, come fate into the list, and champion me to the utterance! Who 's there?” Weller believes this indicates a challenge from Macbeth to fate, whom he promises to battle to the death. Macbeth’s anger toward fate indicates that he believes his actions are due to fate; that he has no free will. The scene ends with Macbeth attempting to murder his friend, Banqou. Furthermore, Banqou’s son, according to prophecy, is going to become king, causing fear in the heart of Macbeth. This prompts Macbeth to attempt to kill Banqou’s son as well, but fails. Weller also states that Mabeth’s ...

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...ll him in the final act. The Witches’ “prophecy” of kingship and grandeur, Macbeth’s senseless killings, and ultimately his guilt and remorse, are enough to make Macbeth believe he is acting out his destiny.
Macbeth is determined to become king in any way. He believes he is destined to be king after a nudge from the Witches. The Witches however, never tell Macbeth to kill Duncan; they only plant a seed in his mind, which blooms into a powerful act of murder. These events lead to the tyranny of Macbeth, and ultimately his demise after years of senseless killing and rage. Macbeth, acting as an agent of free will (Lowe, 2005), believed he was carrying out his destiny, however it is revealed he is simply carrying out his own ambition. Macbeth’s actions point toward him being a pawn of free will; dominated by the Witches’ ulterior motives, and his wife’s selfish desires.

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