Essay on Macbeth 's Responsible For His Own Downfall

Essay on Macbeth 's Responsible For His Own Downfall

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To What Extent Macbeth Responsible for His Own Downfall?

Macbeth is about a Lord whose life is disturbed by three witches, whose prophesies results in Macbeth to commit actions that lead to his downfall. Macbeth demonstrates many mental abnormalities during the course of the play, such as delusions, hallucinations, paranoia and warped personality. Which are all symptoms of schizophrenia, which I argue Macbeth has, and the events that unfold lead his condition to worsen and his mental health deteriorate, causing his twisted actions. Macbeth may very will be a high functioning schizophrenic.

I argue that Macbeth s ' afflictions – delusions, hallucinations, paranoia – are caused by a pre- existing mental condition. One may argue his hallucinations, such as the dagger and the ghost of Banquo are Shakespeare romanticizing Macbeth 's guilt and inner conflicts, however looking at Macbeths mind realistically, he has many symptoms of schizophrenia, and these symptoms can be related back to Macbeth and his actions. At the beginning of the play, the witches prophesying Macbeth is to be king. Macbeth is immediately taken with the idea, and wants to know more, beginning to become apart of this delusion. Banquo, noticing this says, “my noble partner, you greet with present grace, and great prediction of noble having and royal hope, that seems rapt withal.” Meaning Macbeth is already caught up in the idea of taking the throne, for no real logical reason other than three unknown supernatural beings had promised so, with absolutely no attest to their credibility. It is possible the witches are parallels to Macbeths mental illness itself, being the root cause of the seed being planted in his head, while Banquo, with no mental conditi...

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...ed so much murder and unnatural acts for nothing, and this whole thing never benefited him, snapped out of his delusions, his thoughts ending with his death.

In conclusion, it was very possible for Macbeth to of been suffering from schizophrenia, as his actions and feelings link up with a lot of the symptoms. Whether he 's completely responsible for his own downfall, someone can 't entirely be blamed for the actions their mental condition causes,but there is no body else responsible. The witches prophesies only planted the seed in his mind, and Lady Macbeth 's manipulation was not the reason for any other of the murders Macbeth committed. Macbeth was the only one who continued the tyranny, and nobody forced him to commit his first murder in the first place. Which is why I would argue, thought suffering from mental illness, he is responsible for his own downfall.

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