Macbeth As A Villain On A Tragic Hero Essay examples

Macbeth As A Villain On A Tragic Hero Essay examples

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A question was raised as to whether Macbeth was a kindhearted villain on a tragic hero.

So far our class has only read one act in the book during class. The story so far includes three

witches­ better known as the three Weird Sisters Macbeth, his wife, Banquo, and King Duncan.

The story is laid out like this: Three witches are gathered to speak with each other about future

events. Macbeth has just fought and won in a rough battle against Scotland. Macbeth becomes the

Thane of Cawdor in favor of the king for killing his rivals so bravely. After the battle, the witches

appear around Macbeth and begin prophesying his future as a king. He tells his wife and she

begins planning to kill the king when he stays the night at their home.

(“Macbeth”). Personally, I

believed that Macbeth would turn out to be a kindhearted villain, but of late I have had to question

that. I thought he would be like that originally, because the main character is more than often the

‘hero’ of the story, no matter what the story is about. The hero is the character in the story that

does something noble or helpful for others. Usually, the hero saves people from chaos or disaster;

occasionally saving the damsel or smoothing out a feud somehow. Shakespeare is known for his

plot twists, irony, and originality. I figured, maybe he would make Macbeth the villain of the story,

but hide it for the first few acts, then towards the end begin revealing his true colors. Now that we

have finished act one I have had to question my theory. Perhaps that guilt he showed before

secretly condemning the King was a sign that he would not be able to go through with any devious

acts. Surely the main character would turn out to be helpful and decline taking the throne ...

... middle of paper ...

...e they were asleep and showed no signs

of waking up soon, Macbeth would venture to where the king slept and kill him swiftly. Then he

was to dispose of any and every bit evidence from the crime scene. When morning came, Macbeth

and his wife would be able to blame the guards for their own crime, successfully pinning the blame

on two drunkards who passed out the night before. As a conclusion, I

believe that Macbeth is, in fact, a tragic hero. It took me a lot of time to finally decide this, but it

seems the most legitimate to me. I believe that he will be manipulated into doing whatever the

queen wants. The queen has too many dark secrets for the beginning of a story. For what ever she

has done, in the future it will be her undoing and she will show her vicious nature to all. Surely the

villain will get what they deserve. The truth will be revealed soon enough.

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