Macbeth And The Original Man Experience Similar Patterns Of Temptation Essay example

Macbeth And The Original Man Experience Similar Patterns Of Temptation Essay example

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Before their transgressions, Macbeth and the original man experience similar patterns of temptation. For example, Macbeth lives in an idyllic castle, overwhelmingly reminiscent of Eden in its depiction. After all, visitors, visibly impressed with the grounds, even exclaim, "this castle hath a pleasant seat. The air nimbly and sweetly recommended itself unto our gentle senses" (1.6.1-3). Canonically, the Garden of Eden is the epitome of beauty. However, Adam, senselessly pursuing temptation, grows disenchanted, dreaming of the forbidden fruit. So too here, Macbeth risks his status and land chasing the kingship. Both Adam and Macbeth desire the unattainable, and both cases conclude with tragic results. Moreover, though the ambitious remain aware of the risk, they never fully grasp the situation 's reality. For instance, noticing Macbeth 's enchantment with the witch 's prophecy, Banquo attempts to persuade the Thane of temptation 's fickle nature. "Oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths, win us with honest trifles to betray 's in deepest consequence" (1.3.125-129). Banquo refers to the Serpent of Eden 's nature, which was temptation 's personification. The Serpent infamously never directly attacks the truth, but instead circumvents it. Essentially, though God only forbade consuming the fruit 's, mankind inadvertently infers its own "truth": one may not even touch the Tree of Knowledge. Seizing this advantage, the Serpent never challenges God ' s word, but instead challenges mankind 's fabrication. Naturally, after man 's own truth was proven incorrect, man foolishly disregards God 's legitimate truth. Macbeth 's desire to kill Duncan similarly capitalizes on truth 's malleable properties. From...

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... immortality. Indeed, Macduff, avenging those they have needlessly slain to buttress their crumbling status quo, confronts the Thane, exclaiming with disdain, "I have no words. My voice is my sword. Thou bloodier villain than terms give thee out!" (5.8.4-6). Just as the original man and woman fell from God 's grace and lost immortality in the Garden, so too the Macbeths fell from the people 's grace and lost their lives. Notice also the sword imagery, another crucial link between Macbeth and the original sin. After all, "[God] drove the man out, and He stationed from the east of the Garden of Eden the cherubim and the blade of the revolving sword, to guard the way to the Tree of Life" (3:24). Hence, the swinging sword guarding the entrance to Eden parallels Macduff swinging sword which kills Macbeth. Murder is irreversible, and return to the status quo is impossible.

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