Macbeth And Chris Kyle : The Last Shot Essay

Macbeth And Chris Kyle : The Last Shot Essay

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Macbeth and Chris Kyle: The Last Shot
Tragic heroes are present in any time period, and in any lifestyle or occupation. Two examples of a tragic hero are Macbeth from The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare and the recently passed military symbol, Chris Kyle. The story of Macbeth was written in the 1600’s and was set in Scotland. Macbeth is a character whose ambition for power ended up killing him. Chris Kyle is known as ‘The American Sniper’ and is honored for being one of the brave men and women who chose to serve for his country. Though their motives for success greatly differ, they both posses qualities that make them a tragic hero. Macbeth and Chris Kyle have many differences,their not so obvious similarities reveal how many tragic heroes end up needing help themselves despite how much they attempt to help other first.
Both men were widely respected, mainly because of their military status. Macbeth was a Thane, which is similar to a lord, and was a war soldier. King Duncan says that Macbeth is a “valiant cousin, worthy gentleman!” (Shakespeare 1. 2. 24). The king had high regards for him, he must have been respected and noble to others of his country. Chris Kyle, being the number one deadliest sniper of America, is highly respected by most of our country. Before his death he was already referred to as ‘The Legend’ in many parts of Texas. He was a very humble man and that is why he was so respected. While writing his autobiography with the plans to make it a movie he said that he “hope that the movie will give people a small understanding of the massive sacrifice these guys make in going to war” (Kyle, American Sniper pg 382). Even after his military career he wanted to honor all who serve in the military, not just him...

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...e stated that he “risked [his] life for [his] buddies, to protect [his] friends and fellow countrymen” (Kyle, American Sniper pg 72). Because Kyle always needed to help and protect other military members, he was killed. Of course he didn’t know this was going to happen nor was it his fault, but it ultimately led to his death.
Macbeth and Chris Kyle were both respected and noble, had a wife backing them up, a uneasy conscience, and an overpowering flaw of ambition that eventually led to their downfall, which for both men was death. They were troubled by their past and needed help. Their Guilts or experiences made them both mentally unhealthy at some point. Macbeth was seeing ghosts and Kyle was imagining himself in war when he was back at home. Sometimes these tragic heroes can’t be a “hero” all of the time. Everyone, even those considered heroes, need help sometimes.

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