Lysistrat Women 's Sexuality And Gender Roles Essay

Lysistrat Women 's Sexuality And Gender Roles Essay

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“Let’s quickly swear an oath, my friend, and set our concord up unbendable as bronze,” Lysistrata declared, when the other women of Athens and Sparta decided to ban together to with her (Puchner, Akbari, Denecke, and Fuchs 790). The Peloponnesian War had raged on for years and the women of Athens and Sparta were ready for their husbands to come home (Puchner, Akbari, Denecke, and Fuchs 788). Lysistrata assembled all the women to devise a duplicitous disposition to end the war. The women of Athens and Sparta barricaded their selves in a temple and refused to give in to their husbands’ sexual desires (Puchner, Akbari, Denecke, and Fuchs 788). Lysistrata and the women of Athens and Sparta used their sex appeal for to benefit both Athens and Sparta (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Regardless of the adverse representation of women during Aristophanes time, Lysistrata uses women 's sexuality and their specific societal gender roles to bring harmony amongst Athens and Sparta (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Lysistrata portrays women as activists, conjoins sensuality with peace, and continues to influence people today.

Wiederhold and Springer explain men protected women, especially during times of war, because of the importance men placed on women to preserve the nation (2). Too often feminists argue that socially acceptable gender roles are negative for women (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Feminists usually have pessimistic views of gender roles causing ignorance towards the power of gender roles (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Gender roles were the number one weapon used to women’s advantage in Lysistrata (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Wiederhold and Springer describe Lysistrata as a “powerful rhetorical tool” for feminist anti-war protestation beca...

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...en who brought harmony to their lands (Dillion 6). Lysistrata’s cunning manipulation of women’s physiques proved women are more than homemakers or child bearers (Dillion 6). Works of art like The Second Greatest Sex, The Lysistrata Project, and Lysistrata Jones show how Aristophanes continues to influence people (Foley 1). The explicitness of Lysistrata offends many people creating a negative outlook on the work (Dillon 6). This disapproving attitude causes people to overlook an astounding war and peace story (Dillion 6). Some feminists also miss out because they believe women should not conform to gender specifics but break free of them (Wiederhold and Springer 2). Lysistrata has paved the way for mythical heroines and for forthcoming playwrights (Foley 1). Lysistrata is not only a part of Greek history it is a part of all literary history across the globe (Foley 3).

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