Essay about The Lyric Of Poetry : Li Wang And Joy At Midnight And Li Zhao 's Lyric

Essay about The Lyric Of Poetry : Li Wang And Joy At Midnight And Li Zhao 's Lyric

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“The lyric form is characterized by irregular structures, line fluidity, and it appeared to flow smoothly for listeners and lyricists” (Owen, page 559). The focus of the lyric poem was to create a mood for personal feelings and emotions towards life’s sweet pleasures of love and longing. The intricacies of nature parallel the state of mind; this is conveyed through Liu Yong’s lyric to “Joy at Midnight” and Li Qing-zhao’s lyric to “note after note”. Both poets use the imagery of nature as symbols, diction, and literary techniques to describe the emotions that are being expressed in the lyric. Liu Yong’s lyric is characterized by an allure of vivid descriptions, and an elegant portrayal of the atmosphere. By contrast, Li Qing-Zhao’s lyric strays away from the sophistication of words and describes her emotions through simple and natural language, and yet expressive.
Li Qing-Zhao was well-known as a “Lay Buddhist who was born into a family of scholars and officials”. It is evident to the reader that she was a follower as there are symbols of nature that is associated to Buddhism. The lyric, to “Note After Note” describes Li Qing-Zhao’s feeling of loneliness and sorrow. She is waiting for something or someone, but it is unclear to us as to what events occurred during the time this lyric was written. The majority of “ci-poems she wrote during her time described the deep love she had for her husband and the feeling of loneliness whenever he was away from home” (Jiao Sheng Wang, page 4). This poem can also be about the fall of her home in Northern Song by the invasion of Mongols, to which it forced her to “wander aimlessly for years from one place to another” (Jiao Sheng Wang, page 5). Although Li Qing-Zhao describes these emotions throu...

... middle of paper ... already lovers” (Owen, 571). This is evident in Li Qing-Zhao and Liu Yong’s work because they are both lonely and longing to reunite to the ones they love. Although, “it was Liu Yong who began writing lyrics about male longing”; It is noteworthy to see some of the differences and similarities towards how each poet expresses their feelings.
Through poetry, we are able to see a distinct story line. It is captivating to see the difference in content during the prime of Song dynasty and the fall of the dynasty. In the early years of Song, men lyricists wrote about “women whose services might be sexual as well as artistic” (Owen, 559); like in the works of Ou-yang Jiong, Li Yu, and Yan Ji-dao in which they portrayed a feeling of longing towards. However, near the end of this chapter the content changes to political frustrations and recalling the memories from before.

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