Lyndon Johnson 's War : America 's Cold War Crusade Essays

Lyndon Johnson 's War : America 's Cold War Crusade Essays

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In his monograph, Lyndon Johnson’s War: America’s Cold War Crusade in Vietnam 1945-1968, Michael H. Hunt discusses the involvement of allied countries against Ho Chi Minh, concerning the conflict in Southeast Asia. In the 1960s, Hunt was in Saigon with his family where he took classes and read The Ugly American and The Quiet American which motivated his interest in the Vietnam War. Next, Hunt argues that the Vietnam War was affected by a politically motivated agendas to have hegemony over Vietnam in the fight against communism. First, he promotes the idea that poor policy choices were made by American policymakers and presidents regarding what to do with Vietnam. Secondly, he also identifies the problem of American ignorance about Vietnam’s history and culture. Finally, Hunt explains how the presidents and leaders tried to eliminate communism throughout Vietnam. He used historical American and Vietnamese archival records that illustrated how Americans in general were oblivious to the Vietnamese. Hunt provided a thoughtful review of how America was lead into the Vietnam War.
To begin, poor policy choices were made throughout the time of conflict with Southeast Asia. In the beginning of the monograph, Hunt stated that many countries united and made the organization called Southeast Asia Treaty (SEATO) which abruptly did not work out due to no similar beliefs of communism (13). This assesses the problem that results from people in high power were unable to communicate with each other. This made it hard for Eisenhower to find other allies in support for fighting for communism. Communism was a form of empowerment for the revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people. In addition, another policy that did not work out as...

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...’s Cold War Crusade in Vietnam 1945-1968, Hunt argues that there was an abundance of mistakes within American policymaking associated with the Vietnam War. Moreover, he also identifies the problem of American ignorance about Vietnam’s history and culture, and how Americans did not appreciate the Vietnamese culture, they would just assumed. Lastly, Hunt analyzed how the presidents and leaders tried to eliminate communism throughout Vietnam and other areas. Hunt had a first hand view of this by going into Saigon in his young years. He had experienced all of what was previously stated. It is acceptable for one to criticize history and to take it a step deeper to know what really lies in our past. Hunt, a professor at the University of North Carolina, granted a great analysis of how the Vietnam War was portrayed not only through American eyes, but the Vietnamese as well.

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