Lyndon Johnson 's The National Youth Administration Of Texas Essay examples

Lyndon Johnson 's The National Youth Administration Of Texas Essay examples

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When Lyndon Johnson first arrived in Washington, he did so with the intent of making as many connections as possible. Johnson himself claimed that he had an uncanny ability to “immediately…evaluate the intelligence of a person and the worth and validity of his information (Kearns Goodwin, 73). He used this skill to discern whom it was best to learn what from and to acquire powerful new acquaintances. In 1935, Johnson’s connections earned him an appointment of the National Youth Administration of Texas. While he was the NYA director, he sought benefits for all of his constituents, including blacks (Stern, Calculating Visions, Ch. 5). However as much as he believed in racial equality, as a member of the House, Johnson voted, in accordance with the southern expectation, against every possible piece of civil rights legislation (Stern, Ch. 5). When Johnson won a seat in the Senate, he again used his skills of gaining acquaintances to his advantage. Mark Stern observes that even though he had a large contingent of African American supporters, Johnson cozied up to powerful established Senators like Richard Russell (Dem-GA) who was a staunch segregationist (“Lyndon Johnson and Richard Russell” 688). In order to get himself into Russell’s good graces Johnson pulled strings to get himself onto the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, of which Russell was the chair. William S. White points out that even though he was close allies with the southerners, Johnson kept his positions on civil rights vague enough so as to be open to changing his stance later on if need be (221). Johnson knew what it took to gain power and he was determined to do what he felt that he needed to in order to continue to gain more power. While in the Senate,...

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... in Congress because he had largely spent his time avoiding taking a stand on issues. On the other hand, Johnson came into the role of president knowing exactly what to do in terms of the civil rights legislation. Johnson used his leadership skills to delegate tasks and use the resources that he had available to him. Unlike Kennedy, Johnson knew when it was time to take a stand in Congress and that it was not the time to be tentative on the civil rights issue. In the end, Johnson and Kennedy were each perfectly suited for the role that they were required to play as chief legislator. Although these were different roles, they ended up complementing each other in terms of the civil rights bill. Kennedy set the stage in a bold proposal, while Johnson used his slick negotiating skills and “The Treatment” to drive the effort home and to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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