Essay on Luxury Hotels : Hospitality And Tourism Industry

Essay on Luxury Hotels : Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry


Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Introduction and Overview
Hospitality is a large category of the field found in the service industry that encompasses all the services provided in the lodging, event planning, transportation and cruise line (Benson, 2013). Also, tourism forms part of the hospitality industry. The industry depends on the availability of the leisure time and ready to spend income from the general population. The hospitality units include luxury hotels, restaurants, and operations like serving, management, and human resource. The products that are provided is services to the customers who purchase it using their money.
The luxury hotels is a high-class form of the hospitality industry that typically require the use of unique forms of services to the clients. The services provided are exclusive only to those who can afford the service. There are many luxurious hotels in the world which compete for customers and for the services they provide. The potential consumers of the services normally have to make decisions on which of them to visit (Walker & Walker. 2012). Most of the hotels provide both accommodation and catering services to its clients. Crosby Street Hotel is a luxury hotel that is found in the street of Crosby Street in the New York City. It is in the neighbourhood of the Soho. According to Benson, (2013), it was founded by the Tim and Kit Kemp, who are also owners of the London hotel world.
Operations Overview
The hostel is one of its kind because it provides all the hospitality services that can be provided by the competing hotels. It has eighty-sixed rooms and upper floor suites that offer luxurious comf...

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...enhanced for the hotel. The emergence of social media has enabled free and quick access to information in the world and as such the hotel need to embrace such. It can advertise its services both locally and internationally to capture both markets (Altinay,et al. 2015). Such should be done by use of TVs, radios and other promotional activities like roadshows. Advertisements will consistently create loyalty among the customers and also attract new potential customers to its base. Such will ensure that the hotel thrives amidst of the challenges of competition.
The hotel has to continue being updated in the technology usage in its operations so that it does not lose clients to other competitors. Technology will also ensure that the company provides high-quality services compared to the rest of the facilities hence preferred hotel by customers.

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