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Summary Introduction
The agency, Lutheran Services of Georgia located in Savannah, GA is a private, non-profit agency which is a regional office for the main Lutheran Services of Georgia organization. The agency is focused primarily on providing services to families and children in the Savannah and surrounding area by placing neglected or abused children into loving homes, shelter and employment services to refugees, companion homes for individuals with developmental disabilities, and twenty other programs to help people in need (Lutheran Services of Georgia). The agency works with local, state, federal entities, 140 Lutheran congregations, community based organization and other missions in Georgia. The agency located in Savannah, Ga currently has 22 employees, 23 service programs that are categorized as foster intervention services, foster care, refugee services, and the program focused on facilitating advocacy care, education and shelter or FACES for individuals with developmental disabilities (Lutheran Services of Georgia). Per the IRS form 990 (2011), the budget for Lutheran Services of Georgia is $11, 364, 406 while the Savannah site budget is $350,000.00 and services over 75 clients that range from newborn to 67 (K. McKenzie, personal communication, December 3, 2013).
Lutheran Services of Georgia first began as Lutheran Social Service System that was a twelve month resource project launched across the sunbelt. The project was focused on developing Lutheran social ministry services in 11 states in the sunbelt, or southeastern part of the United States. Each state, a task force was created and within each task force, there were different Ad Hoc committees. Within the Georgia task force were four judicatorie...

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...fessional Counselor, Case Manager. Personal Communication,
interviewed on December 3, 2013.
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