Essay on Lung Cancer : The Most Devastating Of All Cancers

Essay on Lung Cancer : The Most Devastating Of All Cancers

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Lung cancer is arguably the most devastating of all cancers, leading to more annual deaths than breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined (Crosta). 228,000 new cases are found every year (Marks) and there are approximately 1,370,000 deaths per year. Cancer in general accounts for 7.6 million deaths all around the globe. Cancer alone stands for thirteen percent of global deaths (Crosta). The percentage for the survival rate of lung cancer is a devastating sixteen percent (Marks)! More females are diagnosed with this cancer over men, but does not mean men cannot get this cancer as well. Actually, my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer this past Summer. Shockingly, a couple of months later, my cousin, who I call my grandmother was diagnosed with the same cancer! Both are still battling it through many treatments and surgeries to remove different threatening cells. They have been in and out the hospital more times than I can count on my fingers! Both of them still continue to have good spirits and do not let their struggle get the best of them. Role models is the best two words that I describe them as. Many people ask what to do in order to not to this cancer. While there are no guarantees, the best methods of fighting this sickening illness are to quit smoking, stay away from cigarette smoke, and get screened.
Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of many cells that appears in one lung or even both. This type of cancer generally lines the air passages in the lungs. These uncontrolled cells grow, not becoming cell tissue, but into tumors (Crosta). Tumors form because the abnormal cells in the lungs are not the right lung cells. They are mutated and cannot be killed like normal. Once the known tumors become oversized, they take...

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...ght hate to stay sick or dislike not having taste buds or even having things done for them, because they are not in the state to do so. Maybe some people would not want only their selves, but their family members to go through the difficult things. Are all these hardships and sickness worth it? Will the treatments do their job?
Lung cancer by far is the most dangerous cancer of all cancers. Anyone could fight this illness if they completely quit smoking, stay away from any cigarette smoke, and get screened every time a chance comes up. Many people may be diagnosed with lung cancer and become frightened at the deaths, but people need to have faith and fight for their lives. Yes, lung cancer can be hard to treat, but it is possible. Lung cancer patients need to learn how to live life to the fullest and do not let cancer bring them down. Fight until there is a cure!

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