Luke 's Emotional Outburst During The Free Play Time Essay

Luke 's Emotional Outburst During The Free Play Time Essay

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Concern 2: During the free play time, when Luke is faced with the distressful or unexpected events, he frequently displays emotional outburst as severe as crying out loud instead of being calm and solving the problems.
My Hypothesis: Luke’s emotional outburst when faced with the distressful or unexpected events is resulted from his not receiving enough attention from the teachers to proactively give him individualized support and emotional coaching in order to prevent the same situation from happening over and over again.
Evidence: Luke is emotionally unstable and incompetent in coping with his negative emotions when distressful and unexpected things happen to him during the free play time. For instance, when his peers accidentally broke the “house” or “castle” (as he names them) he had built or was building, he would immediately show his frustration by sobbing and repeatedly murmuring: “oh no! My castle!” The similar situations happened almost every time when I visited.
For the first two times when he showed the same kind of frustration under the same circumstances, I was happen to be by his side. I immediately calmed him down and comforted him by saying: “I’m so sorry about that. It was an accident. Are you okay? We can always fix that”. As soon as I said that, he held his negative emotion back almost at once and said to me with a smile on his face: “Yes, we can always fix that. Let’s build a taller castle together, okay?”
The third time when similar situation happened, I was not by his side, but luckily, one of his smart and helpful peers offered in-time and effective help that addressed his emotional needs. It was clean-up time and I was helping the kids in the other corner of the classroom. Suddenly, I heard the “Luke Sob...

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...boy did not find it funny at all. He looked really angry and said to Luke: “stop! I don’t like that.” Failing to read and understand his peers’ emotion, Luke continued laughing and giggling the boy as if the boy enjoyed what he was doing just as he did. Then, Mrs. Y came along and acted proactively as usual, and said to Luke: “You have to stop if your friend said he didn’t like that.” Although Luke stopped what he was doing, he looked confused. Again, instead of giving him individualized emotional coaching and social cues reading instructions, such as clearly pointing out to Luke how he could tell whether others liked his behavior or not, Mrs. Y just gave him a command to stop giggling the boy, which not only had not make it clear to Luke what was wrong with giggling under such circumstances, but has no positive influence on his emotional and behavioral development.

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