Essay on Lucifer At The Starlite By Kim Addonizio

Essay on Lucifer At The Starlite By Kim Addonizio

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According to the PewResearchCenter, about 70.6% of Americans are Christian. This shows that more than 50% of Americans believe in Jesus. Similarly, more than 50% of Americans believe that Lucifer, the fallen angel is the Devil. Kim Addonizio writes a poem, in which she speaks about Lucifer the devil. She writes in Lucifer’s persona in which he explains why he should take over God’s role. In the poem, “Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio, she proposes the idea that Lucifer the Devil is taking over God’s role through the use of controversial topics and symbols to relate to the reader. Also, she uses sarcasm to make the reader critically think. It is important to note that she uses these literary devices in her poem, because it grabs the attention of the reader and gives the reader a deeper understanding of the poem.
To start off, Addonizio connects to the readers by speaking about controversial issues such as the Iraq war and global warming. As stated in the poem, “To our boys and girls in the war, grinding through sand, to everybody here, our host who’s mostly mist, like methane rising from retreating ice shelves.” (Addonizio) She states that our host, which is God, is mostly mist. In this line, she is comparing God to mist. Mist is almost impossible to see, so in the line Addonizio is saying that God is not there. Additionally, the poem speaks about the soldiers fighting in the Iraq war. She references to the soldiers fighting in the Iraq war, because it is a controversial topic. Many people supported the Iraq war, but at the same time people disliked the war. She uses the controversial topic of the Iraq war to connect to her readers. It helps the reader focus on the statement, because it is a controversial topic. It gives...

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...her poem to life by the use of literary devices. She accomplishes the task of proposing the idea to her readers that Lucifer is taking over God’s role. She excels at using the controversial topics and symbols to connect with her readers. By doing so, she intrigues the reader into her poem and it gives the readers a deeper meaning of the poem. Adding on, she uses sarcasm perfectly to get her readers to really think about the meaning. To conclude, in the poem, “Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio, she successfully presents the idea that Lucifer is taking over God’s role by using the controversial topics and symbols to connect with her reader. Additionally, she uses sarcasm to add “humor” into the poem and to compel the reader to critically think about the line. It is through the use of the literary devices in her poem that she successfully conveyed her message.

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