The Lucid Dreams : A Lucid Dream Essay

The Lucid Dreams : A Lucid Dream Essay

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Are Lucid Dreams Existent
It is said that a lucid dream is a dream that can be induced or controlled and is characterized by the dreamer being aware that he or she is dreaming ( Lucid ). When lucidity occurs, the dreamer “wakes up” inside the dream during fixed states of cognizance. Dreams are caused by things “…our mind knows, however which we cannot handle, is disturbing or something that we keep reiterating to ourselves” ( Ganguly ). This is why distinguishing significant dream symbols from ambient symbols is important for attempting this state. Many people propose dream interpretation to help better understand the conscious state, but some are said to lucid dream to not only control the dream, but to elate themselves while asleep.
When experts are asked why people dream, the answers prove indecisive. Some claims have been that dreams are caused by hidden desires, impressions, or how things are perceived; but, of course the imagination and the hidden ways of the brain interact with these druthers. Neurologists and psychologists have strived to reach an understanding of how brains put dreams together. Some believe Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have done just that. Although both have different ways of going about things, both the arguments are compelling and sophisticated; however, each psychologist have key differences that could make all the difference when finding the “truth” about lucid dreaming.
Sigmund Freud 's theory consists of three elements that describe dreams in three principal categories: the Id, the Ego, and the Super-Ego. "According to Freud, the Id directs basic drive instincts. It is unorganized and seeks to obtain pleasure, or avoid pain, at times when increased arousal of tension takes place" ( Gla...

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...erstand the conscious state, but some are said to lucid dream to not only control their dreams, but to entertain themselves while they are asleep.

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