Essay on The Lowest Of All Animals

Essay on The Lowest Of All Animals

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In your essay “The Lowest Animal,” you believed that humans are the lowest of all animals because they exhibit negative behaviors unlike that of other animals. Some of the negative behaviors you pointed out were greed, cruelty and pride. Because these behaviors were present in some humans, you felt it was just to group not only those humans into being the lowest animal, but all humans; these include the ones that do not demonstrate greed, cruelty and pride. Additionally, you did not take any positive behaviors associated with humans into account.
Because of a few notable people who exhibit strong negative behaviors such as greed, you discount the entirety of the human population are bearing these traits. However, not everyone has these characteristics. There are many people who donate money to charities such as Doctors without Borders or to the Red Cross or donate their time through volunteer work. Even I have done both of these at one point or another. There are definitely people out there who donate their time or money simply because they expect and want attention and respect in return. However, not everyone donates out of wanting attention. These people will often donate anonymously, so that the money can be given without people knowing who gave the donation. A similar idea can be found in regards to volunteering. Those who volunteer through intrinsic motivations are much more likely to continue going through volunteering, rather than those who volunteer just to say that volunteer. Those who act on their intrinsic desires to volunteer will do so, no matter if they get many people attention along the way, or no one’s attention. People who go through the extrinsic route, will stop volunteering once their attention from others die...

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... for your experiment). Since the animals can’t communicate with each other, the only fair way to conduct your experiment would be to deny humans to ability to communicate with each other as well. This could be done by choosing individuals that had no common spoken language. Additionally, you could have one human put into the cage with the animals. While it might not be the most comfortable experience for a human that was not dealt with other species for long periods of time, their won’t be any death.
Because of all these points, I urge you to reconsider your stance on humans being the lowest animal. If you fully examine all the evidence, humans are not animals that consist of only negative traits, humans have positive traits as well. If you compare humans to other animals you may find the opposite conclusion that you wrote about and that we are not the lowest animal.

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