Essay on Lowering The Minimum Drinking Age

Essay on Lowering The Minimum Drinking Age

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A constant battle between a set drinking age in America has caught the attention of many professors and young people who have used the studied information to suggest their own views on whether or not the minimum drinking age should return to eighteen as in the past, or remain the same. This law was passed in order to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in 1902 but may have indirectly demanded focus onto the exposed hazards speculated towards the younger, upcoming drinkers through this act. Surprisingly, younger people in America are not the only ones to disagree with the decision made in 1902. Professors have also begun voicing their opinions in this discussion to influence how we should handle the responsibility of drinking. In spite of some people in America predict that lowering the minimum on the drinking age to eighteen would in turn bring about higher health concerns such as highway accidents, there are still some people who argue for a lower age by referring to the U.S. law system that has not just adjusted the list of road safety guidelines after raising the minimum but has even settled to keeping the age minimum at eighteen in previous terms that provoked an many unsafe road actions to take place that forced the age minimum to rise. I personally feel that the legal drinking age should return to eighteen, like some countries outside of America, because the law has not proved to fulfill their intentions of reduced highway accidents without the assistance of newer laws.
In recent works, researchers have offered data warning Americans about the critical health doubts pertaining to the brain development that would stimulate a greater amount of damage for the next generation. Further insight on the topic reveals that s...

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... of highway deaths for the better, too. “Moreover, countries that use 18 for both the drinking and driving age generally have safer highways than the United States” (Steinburg). In other words, the law would roughly be achieving the same goals if they were to reduce the age to eighteen because of the additional road safety guidelines that correlate with fixing the large quantity of accidents on the highway.
As it can be seen, negotiating a considerate compromise between the smaller increments calling for a reduced minimum and the larger counterparts upholding the twenty-one age standard can be a difficult task. While one side believes that there is bad health liability at stake when lowering the MLDA in America, I still maintain that changing the age minimum to a higher number hasn’t fixed enough of the problems it’s caused to weigh out evenly enough to stick with it.

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