Essay on Lowering The Minimum Age Requirement Of Drinking

Essay on Lowering The Minimum Age Requirement Of Drinking

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Talk to nearly any teen in America and most will tell you either they or someone they know have participated in underage drinking at one point in time. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the reasons so many teens drink before they reach the legal age limit. What is understood, is that this country’s higher than average drinking age is a factor in this underage drinking issue. The state’s requirements of a 21 age limit on consuming or purchasing alcohol is negatively impacting today’s youth and encouraging disrespect of the law. By lowering the minimum age required to buy alcohol we can discourage some of this behavior and reduce the rate of underage drinking offenses.
A term we hear a lot related to this subject is the “forbidden fruit” effect. Essentially, by telling teens and young adults that the act of drinking is illegal, they are more likely to find the act of drinking thrilling. This also leads to more binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and addiction. Since alcohol is not always available to them, they are more likely to abuse it whenever they can. Youth who desire to t...

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