Low Income And Household Food Patterns Essay

Low Income And Household Food Patterns Essay

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Upon reading this fascinating article called, “The Relationship between Low Income and Household Food Patterns in Canada,” individual readers may became enlightened on how to be more food savvy about low income families that suffer from ongoing food epidemic complications (problems):
In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that the adoption of healthy eating patterns is complicated for low-income Canadians by the higher costs of some recommended foods25. Although the lack of national intake data hampers the ability to make comparisons between lower- and higher- income groups, analyses of household food expenditure data provide valuable insight into food expenditure and economic conditions on food access and choice within populations 26-33 (Kirkpatric and Tarasuk 589).
In other words, this article is backed by useful information that includes different statistics from different countries.
The writers acknowledges that these statistics are based on (a) the amount of families that are in low income brackets, (b) how much unhealthy foods they consume, (c) individuals who earn less money. In conclusion, low income families cannot afford to eat as much healthier foods compared to higher income bracket earners. “Studies from several countries have documented income-related differences in dietary patterns, with those of higher socio-economic status having diets more conductive to good health 1-10(Kirkpatric and Tarasuk 589)”. The authors compared those records to Canadas low income families and dietary intake patterns. It was amazing to read how some low income families cannot eat healthy foods on a low budget compared to those in a higher income class. Some might say it would be difficult to eat healthier based on being in ...

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...s, there’s ‘a great conspiracy to downplay the advice not to eat junk food’ and even avoid using the term altogether (Lawerence 3).
The author also concedes that doctors are like stringed puppets that use the information given to them by food corporation on what they are told to inform the public, and what not to eat, yet they stay away from using direct words like “junk foods” are not healthy, instead they use words like “bad foods”. When the author says:
I think 95 percent of dietitians tell their clients, ‘Just avoid junk,’ “he says. But “the leadership of the ADA has a coterie of spokesmen to whom it refers journalists” writing about nutrition, he notes. “They’re all trained to learn their lines. They would never let the term “junk food” because to focus on this or that food as junk food “is not looking at the big picture for improving your diet (Lawerence 3).”

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