The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay

The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay

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The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, a poem created by the late T.S. Eliot who was a poet in the 20th Century (when Europe was its peak of industrialisation) and this is considered to be one of his highly regarded pieces alongside (The Wasteland). This poem is a monologue of the persona of J. Alfred Prufrock, (the speaker of the poem) a middle aged man, intellectual and described with little self-confidence with himself who has problems in dealing with self-image and anxiety. He’s a solitary man who is achingly shy and little courage, when being isolated, he isn’t subjected to a lifestyle of a social life and this halts him when it comes to speaking with a female. The title to me is ironic, Eliot titled it a ‘Lovesong’, therefore, the language used in the poem cements a theme of pessimism, as hardly anything is written on love. Also, the name of the persona, ‘Prufrock’ there is no rhythm to the speaker’s surname.
The prologue; an excerpt from ‘Dante’s Inferno’ links the monologue. As one of the souls is trapped in hell, he unravels his story to Dante, after being alone in hell, the s...

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