Love Story By La Rochefoucauld Essay

Love Story By La Rochefoucauld Essay

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A quote once said by La Rochefoucauld has an abundance amount of meaning to my life. The significant quote said “When we are in love, we often doubt what we most believe”. Throughout the 18 years of my life, I have experienced numerous experiences with the word “love”. Love can be like a fairytale or it can be a drama-filled television series. This story is not about my love story, but it’s about someone quite close to me. It’s about my mom’s love story.

This story started when my mom and dad ended their relationship. I was in second grade when my parents broke the news to me. Months later, my mom brought this man around. Let’s call him Brian. At seven years old, I was skeptical about Brian. He wasn’t my dad. One day my mom sat me down and told me that she really liked Brian.

In spite of my disliking for Brian, my mom was in love. She was so happy and always had a smile. If you could just see her years ago, the light in her eyes showed how in love she was. Months down the road, their relationship had turned toxic. They would go out and have a good time. That “good time” didn’t last when they came home. I would be in my room across the house and hear yelling and screaming. Alcohol was a poison in our household. Everything bad happened when alcohol was in their system.

One night my mom and Brian were heavily under the influence of alcohol. I heard banging and yelling in the other room. Being so young, I was just used to the drama. I woke up the next morning to my mom crying. During their fight, Brian hit my mom and busted her lip. Later on, Brian had convinced my mom that it was a drunken mistake. He convinced her that he loved her with all of his heart. She believed him and stayed. My mom was blindly in love with a toxic man.


... middle of paper ... and seen the proof.

During that week, Brian became cold and heartless. My mom wanted to fight for their love but he didn’t want to anymore. He was done with her. My mom didn’t realize her self-worth and drank every single night. She was emotionally unstable; she believed something was wrong with herself. I have never seen my mom’s spirit so low. This man blindsided her. He kicked us out of the house and had his new, young girlfriend move in.

Her love story may have had a terrible ending, but her life story is just now starting. La Rochefoucauld said, “When we are in love, we often doubt what we most believe.” My mom was blindly in love with a man who was not good for her. She doubted all of their fights and arguments. All because of her love for him, she did not realize he was tearing her down in the long run. There are no fairytale ending when it comes to love.

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