The Love of the Game: Video Games Essay

The Love of the Game: Video Games Essay

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The Love of the Game
Currently, video games are a part of the lives of nearly all children. Video games are an element of modern life and have a lasting impact. There are various opinions regarding the impact that video games have on young children. For example there are those who believe that video games cause nothing but harm to children. On the other hand, there are others who believe that video games effectively support children’s learning. Educational video games offer children endless options and change the way students are learning.
Many parents and teachers are apprehensive regarding the negative impact of video games. The opposing view believes that video games are having a negative effect on young children. For example, some of the negative effects are obesity, violent behavior, unsocial activity, and addiction. Nevertheless, all is not negative about gaming; studies by leading researchers have shown that video and computer games have many positive benefits. In this essay I will be discussing the many benefits that video games offer young children. Also, I will analyze the argument by Blanco et al. (2012) in the article titled, “A Framework for Simplifying Educator Tasks Related to the Integration of Games in the Learning Flow”.
In the article by Blanco et al. (2012) the authors wants their audience to believe that by providing the proper tools educators will assist in enhancing children’s learning. They support their argument by discussing their findings. They base their results based on the research they conducted in a case study with primary education students in the Ramiro de Maeztu School, a K-12 institution in Madrid (Spain). According to Blanco et al. (2012), “We present a framework that tries to a...

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...tunity to change the way they learn. Video games allow children to have a new way of learning. Teachers have the opportunity to apply a different type of learning than the traditional way. A video game based education teaches young children to rethink how they approach the various subjects. Changing the way that students traditionally learn allows them to prepare for a new way of learning. One that allows them to work at their pace, challenges them, and empowers them. Adequately preparing our students for their future success is not a choice but our responsibility.

Blanco, Á., Torrente, J., Marchiori, E., Martínez-Ortiz, I., Moreno-Ger, P., & Fernández-Manjón, B. (2012). A Framework for Simplifying Educator Tasks Related to the Integration of Games in the Learning Flow. Journal Of Educational Technology & Society, 15(4), 305-318.

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