Essay about `` Love Medicine `` By Louise Erdrich

Essay about `` Love Medicine `` By Louise Erdrich

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There are many different themes in, “Love Medicine” a book written by Louise Erdrich. Some of which are poverty, family, racism, and religion. The one that I am going to write about, is love. Love is one of the most prominent themes in this book. It conveys a mother’s love for her children, a wife’s love for her husband, and a son’s love for the ones whom he perceives his parents to be. This is but to name a few examples of love found in the book by Ms. Erdrich. However, there is also the lack of love that this work of literature portrays. There is mistreatment and betrayal, which are examples that are opposite of love.
In the beginning of this book, the main character, June Morrissey, dies. The impact her death has on many of the characters is very powerful, for she was loved. As a young child, June grew up around the children of Marie and Nector Kapshaw. They would hang out by playing and hunting together, though she went to live with their Uncle Eli. (94). Later in life, she ends up marrying Gordie, one of their sons. From the beginning, their marriage was a rocky one, where abuse and infidelity was common. Through their marriage, June was constantly leaving, but always returning. Yet, Gordie was the one who took June’s death the hardest. They had a connection that ran deep through their bones that had begun when they were children. Despite all the troubles that they had gone through in their marriage, Gordie loved her unlike anyone else. He went into a deep depression, where he started drinking excessively.
Marie Kapshaw is one of the two characters I believe holds the most love. She loved June like her own, “It wasn’t long before I would want to hold her against me tighter than any of the others,” (86). Marie was constantl...

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...ride because he is a symbol to his people, the Chippewa’s. When he wins King’s car in poker game he takes Gerry over the border to Canada because he escaped from jail. While are talking Gerry finds out that Lipsha is his son. Gerry is a kind man and easily accepts and loves Lipsha, which causes Lipsha to feel grateful for finally getting to meet his father. Then Lipsha takes the car back to where he lives to bring June, his mother, home.
The amount of love found in this book is phenomenal. No matter what happens these people find a way to love those around them. According to Louise Erdich and Raymond Carver in an article written by Margaret J. Downes, this book is “about community, that is, each examines its focus--love--against the peculiar paradigms of an identifiable culture,” (Downes). This is book is a perfect symbol of the love we need to have for our family.

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