Essay Love Is The Word Of Love

Essay Love Is The Word Of Love

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The word ‘love’ has many definitions and emotion connected to it.It is an emotion felt and depicted by insects, animals, and every human being.It is one of the topics that has been talked and discussed in movies, books, plays throughout the ages and different writers, directors and playwright would reveal their own interpretation of love. Although I feel the word love is taken for granted nowadays people say they love someone sometimes just because they are afraid of social isolation or to complete some motives or desire. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that everyone in their life has experienced love in one or another form, either by loving someone or being loved by someone.A friend once told me that love is a feeling which can bring a smile on your face in difficult times and can give you strength to move forward, when you have left all your hopes.In my opinion, Love is what everyone strives for in their life because it’s feeling loved or loving someone that makes us happy .Love is the feeling of being cared, comfort of sharing every feeling possible information and it is an e...

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