Love Is The Most Capable Power Essay

Love Is The Most Capable Power Essay

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What is love? For quite a long time and still today, love is a standout amongst the most discussed points. Sooner or later in their lives everybody has encountered love. Love is by all accounts the primary fundamental objective that we all take a stab at in our lifetimes. It is the one thing that we all, as people, have in like manner. It can be a feeling, emotion, person or even an animal. There are wide ranges and sorts of loves such as, family love, friendship love and intimate love that people use to define the word. None of these individuals would be correct or wrong, yet one thing is sure: love is the most capable power in the whole universe. Numerous individuals experience difficult times finding words to express this extraordinary feeling because everybody 's experience and significance of it is distinctive. Depending on what someone have experienced or what they like all takes part on what the word means.
Love is so universal that it can perceive in many ways. With family love and friendship love it mainly depends on the relations of the two. To love a wife or husband can be different from loving a mother or father. It may be the same feeling when it comes to doing anything for that person but someone may express that love in different matter. Expression is also a big factor in the definition of love. Loving someone loses value if there is no demonstration. Love can be considered a noun and a verb. Just as God is love, his actions are love. His love is unconditional, inseparable and forgiving.
Many tend to define love as a person. When asked the highly controversial question during an interview, “What is love?” Asha replied, “God is love” (Bartholomew Interview). She believes strongly that all love c...

... middle of paper ...

...e is the easiest description of what love really mean.
All in all, love can be anything. The thing is that with love, it appears to have its good and bad times. Any case, regardless of all that we go all through life chasing down it, while never surrendering. Love is infrequently characterized in light of the fact that everybody encounters it in an unexpected way. What one individual believes is love, another may believe is fascination or the other way around. Love is one of the biggest controversial topics. Ask ten people what is love. It is a guarantee that there will be many answers. But really everything will lead back to one person; the ultimate high, God! God is love! He is the creator and provider. Think of it. He is merciful, sacrificial and faithful. Genuine love does not generally take after our common slants; it is not a drive from emotions.

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