Love Is The Easy Part Of Love Essay

Love Is The Easy Part Of Love Essay

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Love doesn’t come easily to some.

To a few, love is as easy as breathing, but not to Jisoo it isn’t. The hardest thing in life comes in the form, well not a form, but emotion. Yes, the emotion of love. Falling in love is the easy part, but actually getting that person to love you back, well that’s the hard part. Jisoo’s already done the easy part. He’s fallen in love, and he’s quite sure that he fell for the one person who will never love him back. He’s fallen for his one and only best friend.

He isn’t just any best friend. He 's Yoon freaking Jeonghan. The first person who befriended him when Jisoo had recently moved to Korea from the states. The only boy who accepted Jisoo, a foreigner, with open arms. Yoon Jeonghan the boy who changed Jisoo’s mind about who he could and couldn’t fall for. Before he had met Jeonghan, Jisoo grew up thinking that a man could only love a woman. It wasn’t until he had meet Jeonghan that he realized that no, he might be a man of God, but Jisoo knew he was right in falling for Jeonghan. Falling in love is the easy part, but having them reciprocate, well that’s where things get hard.

When he first met Jeonghan, Jisoo thought he was a bubbly guy, a guy who let no one tarnish his good graces and let no one talk him, let alone anyone down. But he soon realized that this was nowhere near who he really was. Inside all that bright and bubbly personality was a lonely man. A man who went from person to person, hoping, dreaming, that one day he could find his love of his life. Searching, but not knowing that maybe, just maybe, Jisoo was that person who could be his rock, his other half, the one who could take are of Jeonghan. But this was something Jisoo could only dream of because he never voiced his thoug...

... middle of paper ... Jeonghan.
Jisoo looked at Jeonghan for a moment before he gave Jeonghan a tight hug. “I know. I know. I’m sorry, its just that I almost lost you forever,” he said as Jeonghan buried his head on the crook of Jisoo’s neck.
After a few minutes of silence they both stood up and laid in bed. “I’m tired,” said Jeonghan.
“All those pills you swallowed took a toll on you Jeonghan. I’m surprised you’re not sleep yet,” said Jisoo as he kissed Jeonghan head.
“Um Jisoo,” said Jeonghan shyly.
“Are we like boyfriends now?” he asked as Jisoo blushed.
“Yeah, yeah we are,” he said as his chest felt a bit lighter. Love doesn’t come easily to some. Falling in love is the easy part, but actually getting that person to love you back, well that’s the hard part, but even so it seems that Jisoo no longer has to worry about that because he already managed to capture Jeonghan’s heart.

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