Essay about Love Is Something That We Can Not Touch It

Essay about Love Is Something That We Can Not Touch It

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Love is something that we can only feel, but we cannot touch it. Everyone has their own experience about love. Who knows love could bring so many effects in our life, especially for me. I started fell in love when I was in high school. Most people fall in love in high school. Maybe I could say that it was my first love, and maybe my last love? I spent a lot of time with her. I created a lot of unforgettable moments together with her. We made the moments that most people see at the beginning as not something special, but after they hear about this story, they started jealous of us. This story is the happiest moment that I ever experienced.
Started from I do not even know her. We were still a stranger at that time. The first time I saw her was when I went together with my friends to the mall and then I saw her with her family. I fell in love at first sight. I told my friends that she was precious. She looked unique for me. She is different from many girls that I ever met before. I asked my friends about her, and one of us said that he had seen her somewhere in the school, and I just wanted to jump from my chair at that time. Then I asked my friends if she was single or not, and my friends started to asked me why I asked them so many questions about her, and I did not know what I should say to tell them. Then after that, I changed the topic so they did not continue on that topic anymore.
The next day, I became a spy. I was looking for her every day. I did not have enough courage to introduce myself to her, so I started introduce myself to her closest friend, and I was asking more about her. The second day I was still asking about her. At the third day, I do not even know why I did that. Like I had so much courage came in to my body...

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...d snacks as usual some beverages for us. The next day and the rest of the week in Rome, we went shopping. It is funny because everyone knows that shopping is woman’s activity so if there is a man walks with women than it must be they have become women bodyguard for shopping time.
At the end, I have learnt that everyone should have a partner in their life. You just need to realize it and try your best. For people who are still single out there, try to find someone that could fill your day. Create an unforgettable moment with them, and fill your day with a new experience of love. Love has changed me. I have become more mature than before. It also encourages me to study hard, like I got some motivation. First love is a beautiful moment that every couple should not forget, or maybe your girl or guy is not your first love, and then try to make them become your last love.

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