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Love Is Not Simple Or Easy Essay

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Love is not simple or easy. The kind of love that will last over time and overcome each obstacle it brings is actually a fair amount of work. In the film Valentine’s Day there are all different kinds of love and some of them thrive while others fail by the end of the day. All these different relationships present an opportunity to analyze how different aspects of communication help people find love and make it last.
The relationships we view in the film vary from young to old in both the ages of their participants and the time they’ve spanned over. In every relationship we find that the way these pairs express their intimacy between each other is different. For Willy and Felicia, a young high school couple, we see intimacy in the form of physical, and often times quite public, displays of affection. Their friends, Alex and Grace, have a similar aspect of physicality but on a seemingly more personal scale. The two plan the loss of their virginities complete with roses and a serenade. The older couple, Edgar and Estelle, start their Valentine 's morning with an exchange of gifts, but more than that their intimacy is viewed in the very frequent physical contact they share that is not inherently sexual but rather unconscious or comforting. Reed and Morley are young adults with professional careers and Reed displays his feelings by proposing in a gesture of love and commitment.
At this point we are seeing the couple in the bonding stage of their relationship. They already live together and upon waking her, Reed presents Morley with a ring. This is the kind of publicly announced commitment that signifies bonding. Throughout the rest of the movie though, the two fall so rapidly through the ending stages of their relationship that it is ...

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...she is an elementary school teacher and that she is in a relationship. Her blind spot though, is that though she is unaware, other people know that Dr. Copeland is married. The fact that they are dating may fall into her facade pane because he has kept it a secret. The unknown pane would state that she will find out about her boyfriend’s wife and make a fairly public reaction but also, that she has a potential relationship with her best friend. His arena would show that he is a doctor and he is married because that’s what his family and colleagues know of him. In his blind spot he does not know that Julia finds out the truth. The facade is his maintenance of a relationship with a wife and a girlfriend. In his unknown pane will be the knowledge that Julia will come to his Valentine’s Day dinner and have a largely negative affect on his marriage and life as he knows it.

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