Love Is Not Just A Verb Essay

Love Is Not Just A Verb Essay

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“Love is not just a verb” Kendrick Lamar. This verse in the song Poetic Justice was his way to say what love is and what is not. Love could be confused for lust. Lust for the appearance attraction. Many films and stories portray this type of love. In high school I was assigned to read the story of Romeo and Juliet. This story is a great example of the types of love. Were Romeo and Juliet driven by true love or lust? To start we would have to figure out which type of love if any in the story. Some may say that they lusted over each other, and didn’t love each other. The sexual desire was not the case, it is merely inexperience and immature. There are many instances of love in the story.

Firstly, Romeo was just another confused teen; he doesn’t know what love is, but he craved love. Romeo was not in love with Juliet or Rosaline, but in love with the idea of ‘love’. He goes off of impressions and does not know Juliet 's true self cause of the amount of time they have actually seen each other. In the begin of the story, Romeo is demonstrated with an internal conflict, desperately in love with Rosaline, but the minute he sees Juliet at party, his mind is changed. Juliet was oblivious to love, but felt strongly about Romeo’s reaction.
Secondly, it is impossible for one to fall in love at first sight. Love is delicate that takes time to develop slowly. However, a week is not nearly the enough time to develop love. Very true that Romeo and Juliet were devoted to one another until their deaths, but it was not true love that they had. Love and infatuation are in similar rankings, yet not the same, this remains of a common misconception even today.

Lastly, Juliet already had an arranged marriage that was handpicked by her parents, who ...

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...ll the amazing in California like Matador beach, Disney, and Griffith observatory. So began to get jealous over this. Which lead to arguments. Time came were we wouldn’t even speak. I began to realize that it didn’t bother her not to talk to me anymore.
In February of 2013 I got into pretty bad accident. I was with my family and our car was crushed like an accordion. While at hospital I sent a text and let her know what had happen. I didn’t get reply back for like hour and half. Which was alright but she sent a simple ‘oh’. That really made me upset. After being cleared to leave the hospital. I had a long talk with a close friend and how I should take care of this in my relationship. The advice to me was to step away and let her be. So I took the advice and let her go. I knew this wasn’t going to sit right for me but inside I want her to be happy.

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