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Love Is Not A Feeling Essay

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In ordinary terms, love is an intense feeling of affection towards another person, object, or anything for that matter. An average person typically refers to love as an attraction to another person so strong that one begins to develop an inability to feel a romantic passion for anyone else. However, in psychoanalytical terms there are multiple ways to describe the characteristics of love. In actuality, love is not a feeling. The only accompanying feelings that come with love is anxiety. Love demands love. Love is founded on faith and is extended by faith.
Lacan claims that ‘love is giving something that you don’t have’. This is particularly because what an individual loves in the Other is what they lack, which they will then try to give back to their Other. Lacan also claims ‘love comes to supplement the lack of a sexual relationship’. This is true because love does not require a sexual relationship. Not all love leads to sexual relationships nor does it always begin with sexual relations. There are many cases in which an individual can love a person and not be sexually attracted to them. For instance, I have a great deal of love for my girl best friend. We have gone through a handful of hardships together over the years, which has increased our love for each other. However, this love we have for each other is not sexual at all. It is a platonic love that I cherish deeply. I love her for her personality and it is a friendly love, quite different in comparison to a passionate love. We love people in different ways, other than simply sexually or passionately. Could you imagine having sexual relationships with every single person that you love? That is ridiculous!
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...hen it can be viewed as a social construction, there are still people out there who fall in love naturally and truly. True love still exists, it’s just not effortless to find or attain, yet essentially that is what makes falling in love a more fulfilling and rewarding process. What would this world be without love? That is a question that I would not like to find the answer to. As humans, we need love, whether it is love from a partner or a nurturing type of love from a parent or even love from a cat. Love is a driving force in a person’s motivation. It can be a driving force for an individual to carry on living and never giving up. It can make us do crazy acts, but life becomes much more meaningful when we are in love or when we feel as if we are loved. There’s a purpose in living when you are loved. Without love, I honestly don’t know where I would be right now.

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