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The movie love is never silent is a movie based in the late nineteen thirty’s and is about a young girl and her deaf family. It introduces the hardships that the family faces and the changing of the times that slowly brought Deaf Culture to where it is today. The movie discusses topics such as misconceptions of the time, the fear and confusion misinformation produced and the shame that Margaret faced because of it. It also explained how daily life during the time worked and how many people were curious, but simply that and was starving for knowledge.
Near the beginning of the movie her brother dies from falling out of a third story window and she is forced to buy a coffin for him because her parents are unable to communicate this is largely because of the lack of accommodations that were available during the time. As the movie progresses and she faces more of lives hardships she starts to realize that she is the connection between the hearing and non-hearing worlds for her parents. For her graduation her father makes a kind jester of purchasing a hearing aid, which was one of the early models. Unfortunately her misunderstanding led to he feeling embarrassed of her parents although, it is unfair that she hid away her parents from her social life in the first place. One of the main characters that really kept her grounded was Mr. Petrakis. A kind elderly man who runs a pawnshop down the street. He also tends to be her way of venting because she doesn’t know how to tell her parents how upset she is. After her graduation she starts as a secretary where she meets her eventual husband William Anglin who repeatedly asks her out, but is unable to up until he is leaving for basic training for WWII. After they date are dating for a while ...

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...t is also nice to see that people are no longer ashamed to be deaf, but instead they are proud of who they are and are willing to stand up to any one who attempts to make them feel lesser. The Deaf Culture has become a lot stronger, but we still have a long wase to go.
I truly enjoyed the movie, because of how honest it is about how people struggle, but never give up. It is a story of family and perseverance that is heart wrenching. I would completely endorse this movie and push it to be in the curriculum in the future. My hope is that students continue to over fill your class as you aloud me to do this semester. The movie explains so much of Deaf Culture that the standard population could really use to know. Which is probably why I whish the movie was more common in movie rental places, Hulu and other video cites. It is a fantastic movie with a fantastic message.

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