Love Is Never Silent By Watching The Hearing Essay

Love Is Never Silent By Watching The Hearing Essay

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Many people never realize or take much notice on what deaf people go through in life, but by watching the movie "Love is Never Silent", hearing people are able to have a clear view of what it is like to be deaf in the hearing world. Many different perspectives towards how deaf people live, socialize, party or work are built by many distinctive types of people. As the movie "Love is Never Silent" shows, Margaret and her family are isolated from their community. They aren 't allowed to sign in front of the hearing because it 's strange and abnormal. Seeing a deaf person sign during a time where being different can make a person look like an outcast makes hearing people pity the deaf and end up treating them as ignorant people. Although deaf people are the same as any other hearing person, the society surrounding Margaret 's family didn 't seem to comprehend the abilities and skills deaf people can carry. Instead deaf people are stereotyped to be ignorant, useless people who can 't do anything because they don’t speak. However, deaf people can still communicate with people and do any other activity hearing people practice such as playing a sport, dancing and listening to music in their own unique way. Hearing people just see deaf people as weird and strange because they haven 't met any deaf people and can 't seem to relate to the deaf. It is an unimaginable world for the hearing to know how to connect with a deaf person. Of course the only way to get to truly know and connect with a deaf person is by learning sign language, but deaf people can still understand people 's emotions and can try to communicate by writing if someone want to talk to them.
Therefore, although hearing people have a whole made up stereotype of the deaf, ...

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...t a deaf person in my life, but taking ASL was one of the best classes I have taken so far. Understanding deaf culture makes me feel different as if I know the world in a whole different view than I have my whole life. During the first classes of ASL I was nervous because I didn 't know any of the basic not even the alphabet or how to sign a single word. Through the semester I now realized how much I have learned and how I can now communicate a little with deaf people. I get to teach my friend 's words, phrase or stories I have learned in ASL, although they don 't know any sign I ', able to practice by signing by teaching them which I believe is a great way to pertain new information I have learned. As a result learning about a whole different new culture of which I had no idea about has expanded my knowledge of the ways different people communicate around the world.

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