Essay on Love Is Merely An Illusion

Essay on Love Is Merely An Illusion

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Love is merely an illusion. How many of you believe in love at first sight? How many of you believe in first love? Do you think true love really exists? Did you only fall in love once in your whole life time? How many of you have fallen in love for the first time, second time, third time and still not sure that you are going end your life with the fourth one you are living with now or not. Is there any guarantee you will not fall in love with the fifth person again? Isn’t it crazy when you try to analysis this all different kind of love that happened to you in different stages in your life?
Some people ended with one person and that’s what I think true love but that barely happens in every person life. That person might be the one in a billion who get chance to live his life with his first love. And of course, in one point of your life you stopped falling in love. I mean you stopped falling in love with another person but still in love with your spouse or cohabiting partner. Yes, after marriage you try to fall in love with your spouse only. But it depends upon the person and their kind of relationship with each other.
When you see a nice guy walking or beautiful girl smiling at you, don’t your heart says to fall in love again but you cannot do so as you are already committed to someone. Yes , those person who have huge respect to their partners cannot make such stupid mistakes again but some people who are unable to control their mind and heart think of deceiving their partner and fall in love again with another person. So every person get that feeling in their life when some pretty woman and handsome man walk by them. Every person has love in their heart for their partners but that love is not only enough to remain committed wit...

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...ho are single, recently heartbroken spend your valentine’s day with yourself. Have some awesome “ME” time. After all, the thing matter most in the world is you and your body. If you are true to yourself, spiritually, mentally and physically healthy and well, no force can break you down. Definitely, if someone break your heart, it is hard to get out of that situation and you might think you won’t fall in love again in life but falling in love is merely not sufficient, growing together in love is what matter most in relationship to be successful. It is okay to give up the bad person in life but never ever give up in love. Love is an eternal and illusion too. Yes, guys you will fall in love again but just let the time to heal your pain and remember that the falling love count down always goes on ascending order. This time not only fall in love, let youself grow in love.

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