Essay on Love Is A Strong Feeling Of Affection

Essay on Love Is A Strong Feeling Of Affection

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What is love? If you were to ask anyone from a young person to a senior citizen, you would probably get a cliché answer that love is a strong feeling of affection. We “fall in love,” or two people meet and it’s “love at first sight.” This definition by no means is wrong. However, it does leave out a substantial piece of information. By reading the Bible, we can gather that love is not just a strong feeling of affection but it is God. God is love. God is the source of all love and the sole reason it exists. Our definition of love is often misdirected. Its object tends to become the creation not the Creator. We focus on self, excluding God and others. We have the perfect mentor that shows us love everyday. Through this new understanding of love, we can better understand the lyrics and meaning to the song “Your Love Never fails.”
One of the themes that stands out in this song is the various challenges we face on a day to day basis. In our lives, we are each faced with numerous challenges and trials. The Newsboys tell of these challenges in their song “Your Love Never Fails.” This theme can be seen in such phrases as “pain in the night,” “when the oceans rage,” “the wind is strong and the water’s deep,” and “the chasm is far too wide.” All of these expressions suggest that there are trials in life. Each of these phrases are followed by a positive phrase indicating that the hard times are always followed by joy. The lyrics “There maybe pain in the night” is immediately followed by “but joy comes in the morning.” The phrase “and when the oceans rage” precedes the phrase “I don’t have to be afraid.” And the remark stating “the wind is strong and the water’s deep” is once again followed by “but I’m not alone in these open seas.” This giv...

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...e calm and serein music this song can also be appealing to them. The tune is catchy so I often find myself humming it at school or as I run errands. I love this aspect of this song because throughout the day I am reminded of what the lyrics say, encouraging me to live my day in accordance to the lyrics.
The Newsboys get across to their audience the fact that God loves and cares about each and everyone of His children. They convey this to their audience through examples of trials that God helps us through on a day to day basis. From the instrumental aspect to the lyrics this song expresses God’s love to all the varieties of listeners. They also make their song personal using “Your” to talk to God instead of talking about God. This song does a great job of convincing the listener that God’s love never fails. We should never doubt Him because He is always there for us.

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