Love Is A Necessity And Not A Luxury Essay example

Love Is A Necessity And Not A Luxury Essay example

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In order to clearly structure an argument to why love is a necessity and not a luxury, we must first depict the literal meanings of luxury and of love. Luxury is one of those words that cannot be easily defined, its definition heavily relies on personal experiences and lifestyles. Luxury is something that is not needed for survival, it is not a necessity for human beings even though many seek it. According to, a luxury is "a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity." Similarly to luxury, love is also a word that isn 't easily defined. Its definition relies on personal experience and character. Love is not concrete and can be different for each individual. Because there is no specifically recognized definition for love, I made my own. I define love as a strong attraction and devotion towards someone or something. Even though we all have different definitions of love, we all share a common need for it, we all need a sense of love in order to live healthy lives.
Both love and luxury do have literal meanings, but their true meanings are very personal and vary with each individual. These personal definitions are so vast that they may even seem contradictory towards each other. What one person sees as a luxury might be another persons garbage. What is deemed a luxury solely relies on the individuals experience and social status. To put this in perspective something that might be seen as a luxury to an individual belonging to the lower class, might be seen as a normal or even less than normal good to someone of a higher class. Also the individuals character might also affect how luxury is defined. Therefor how you define...

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Love is a necessity, not a luxury. It is part of what makes us humans. Without the sense of love, a healthy mind set is un-achievable. Not only does it fuel human passion, but it is what drives our hearts. Loving is part of human nature and it is not a choice. It affects our everyday life, from when you watch that show you love to when your with your loved ones. We cannot escape reality and in reality love plays a huge role in human life and daily interaction. Because of this, love will never be a luxury. A luxury is that which is not a necessity but a want. Like the air we breathe, love is key for human survival. Even though we all as individuals have a different interpretation of love, we all share one common trait: the need for love. Those who deny the necessity for love have yet to understand its significance in human interaction with their surroundings.

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