Love Is a Gifted Token Gradually Accepted by a Fragile Heart

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Within this world where love is a gifted token gradually accepted by the fragile heart, love itself is a power, a blessing in all its glory. For love brings the beauty of the ripest fruit and carries the whispers of lustrous eves. Yet within such a delicate world, love itself is often a curse; thorns that prick the careless skin left bare from the worlds impurity. Ripened fruit will surely sour and become distasteful upon indulgence. Love itself will perish and it’s budding will come to an unsatisfying end. But should love truly be allowed to become a futility? A hopeless clutch that the weak and poor are grazed by? This is the story of an undying love, a world created just for the two of them; The girl who wondered into the forest, and the woodcutter who fell in love. A love so superior that even reality itself is surpassed. ‘Dear beloved, I can no longer hide my love from you. Upon the opening of this letter, I will reveal the gift you have desired for since you set foot within my dreams. For a girl who wondered into such an empty forest, I will create the perfect tree to remind you of your perfection within the forest. Your beauty overthrows the very world you set foot within. Thus I will make a world capable of suppressing your beauty, so you won’t feel alone anymore.’ Within the outskirts of an ageing village, a woodland stood tall. The woods itself appeared dreary at first glance; Humanity detracted and the towering trees seemed to imprison the natural order within the woods. Yet such a first glance should not be trusted, for amidst the bracken, sounds would be projected resembling the clicks and cricks of animals awaiting the finding of a succulent feast. The Birds chirrups would ignite the mornings awakening and the d... ... middle of paper ... ...s again. If you get lost again, I won’t be there to find you.’ The boy watched the girl, waiting for her to make the first step into the place she belongs. But the girl was hesitant. She appeared reluctant to make the first step. ‘Hurry, before the night turns the world into a scary place.’ ‘ ‘No.’ The girl began to cry. ‘I need to find a pretty tree so mother will get better again. If I don’t find one, mother won’t get better again. So I can’t go.’ The boy struggled to understand the meaning of the girls words. Why would a pretty tree help her mother get better again? However her tears were authentic, and her sobbing singed the boys heart. ‘Don’t worry. I will find you a pretty tree for your mother! So don’t come back into the woods, okay? I’ll bring one to you.’ The girls snivelling came to a halt. She finally looked up to the strange boy and smiled. ‘Thankyou.’

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