Essay about Love Is A Funny Thing And It Makes People Do Funny Things

Essay about Love Is A Funny Thing And It Makes People Do Funny Things

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Love is a funny thing and it makes people do funny things. The event that changed Jake Barnes 's life the most would be falling in love with Lady Brett Ashley because it changes who he is essentially. Jake and Brett met during World War One in England when Brett had treated a wound for Jake. The pair fell in love with each other, she refused to commit to a relationship with him. Brett is a selfish woman and does not care who she hurts. Because of her manipulations, Jake disregards his morals to bend to her will. And finally Jake 's friendships suffer because of Brett 's carefree attitude.
A selfish person, does as selfish people do. They ignore others feelings for their own priority. Brett seems to always be in love and with many people. She loves Mike, Cohn, Romero, and Jake. When Jake a stated that it was funny and fun to be in love, Brett 's entire attitude changed as she said that "it 's hell on earth" (Hemingway 35) to be in love with him. She hates to be in love with him because she cannot be with him, creating a feeling of hell on earth for her. For Jake, though it 's almost ...

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