Love Is A Fool For Love Essay

Love Is A Fool For Love Essay

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It all started near the end of November of last year. I moved to Harrisonburg , Virginia with my recent boyfriend everything was fine so I thought. Love makes you do a lot of crazy things during that time I was happy with my life and with him and then things changed in a blink of an eye. One day we were on the top of the world, then the next his fist was coming towards my face. I thought that was love so I stayed through the hurt, pain, depression, I just wanted him to love me like I loved him.  
  Before I met my recent boyfriend Jacob I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship, with the person I thought  was the love of my life. It 's so true when people say you will be a fool for love. Dealing with my depression from my current relationship was hard and Jacob understood me and helped me get through it. The first couple of months Jacob and I spent together was like a fairy tale. He moved me out of my loft apartment which was located in Richmond, VA to a big 3 bedroom house with the biggest yard I ever seen in Harrisonburg, VA. The view of the mountains was breathe taking I thought everything was just getting better. We had our first Christmas together and New Years he spoiled me rotten. I guess he was buttering me up for him to show me his true colors.  
   On New Years soon as the clock hit 12:00 am I got the most precious promise ring I ever laid my eyes on. A couple  weeks after New Years my stomach felt weird, all I did was eat and sleep so I took a pregnancy test. I was so nervous the first one came out positive I didn’t believe it so I took another one , I was pregnant. I was lost for words I didn’t know what to say I was so excited and emotional I was going to be a mom. I wanted to surprise him on  Valentines Day but ...

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... phone and other stuff. He kept saying he was so sorry that he was hurt too, but he didn’t understand it was his fault. The next day while Jacob was at work I packed my clothes and moved them all into the guest room. When he came home, I told him I was leaving and my ride was on the way. He flipped he wanted me to stay everything he gave me he wanted back his ring, necklaces and clothing. So that’s exactly what I did I threw his ring and necklaces down the toilet and ripped up every piece of clothing he ever gave me. 
  When I left I was hurt so hurt I kept asking myself why didn’t I see the signs. Maybe God didn’t want me to at the time I tell myself currently to this day. Even through the hurt, pain , and depression I stayed by his side cause I wanted him to love me like I loved him. Love makes you put of with so many things, but out of it all it makes you stronger.

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