Love Interpretation in The Sun Rising and The Canonization Essay

Love Interpretation in The Sun Rising and The Canonization Essay

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What pops into your mind when you hear the word love? When people hear the word love many people think of romantic love. The word love has many other interpretations such as loving your neighbor, loving of one’s nation, and loving of God. People need to avoid thinking about something as important as love so superficially. Both John Donne’s “The Canonization” and “The Sun Rising” use metaphors to deal with whether the nature of love and whether it is really mysterious. While Donne’s “The Sun Rising” focuses on romantic love, his poem “The Canonization” delves into the many facets of love beyond the mere romantic such as being consumed by love, dying by it, and being reborn through love.
“The Sun Rising” by Donne is an extended metaphor about how the sun has human characteristics and performs human actions and emotions. Both narrators in “The Sun Rising” and “The Canonization” are analyzing actions of their objects. In “The Sun Rising,” the narrator is talking to the sun. In the opening lines of “The Sun Rising” and “The Canonization,” they have a similar tone because in “The Sun Rising,” it is telling the sun to stop worrying about them, to stop watching them, to mind its own business and in “The Canonization” when it says “For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love;”(1) it is saying to “shut up.” Both poems open by wanting to be left alone, not having the other person (in “The Canonization”) or the sun (in “The Sun Rising”) bother them, telling them to leave them alone and go bother someone else. A use of figurative language in “The Sun Rising” is when Donne says “ I could eclipse and cloud them with a winke”(13). This shows that the narrator does not want to lose the sight of the person he so dearly loves. In “The Cano...

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... Donne writes “The greatest ashes, as half-acre tombs”(34). This shows that although the lovers were great people their love did not survive because of hardships and they did not either. Even though both poems have different tones, they are opposites of each other when they talk about love, so they are a paradox of each other.
Donne uses a lot of literary devices in his poem. The main literary devices in his poems were his use of metaphors and symbols. Both poems discuss the topic of love. In “The Canonization” Donne uses a lot of bird imagery. He uses eagles, doves and a phoenix in “The Canonization”. By using bird imagery he is showing how the gloomy side of love can be just as powerful as the romantic side of love. “The Canonization” explores that love is multifaceted and does not just have to be romantic, while “The Sun Rising” is an upbeat more romantic poem.

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