Love Does Not Run Smooth in Shakespeare´s Midsummer Night´s Dream Essay

Love Does Not Run Smooth in Shakespeare´s Midsummer Night´s Dream Essay

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I love the quote “When the going gets tough the tough get going.” because it is so very true. We all have hard times its just how we decide to deal with them that counts. One very big aspect of our lives that i think can get very hard to deal with is our own love life. Lifes greatest prize is love as they say and sometimes it’s not the easiest thing ever. But we work for it because its so rewarding and all great things take hard work. Another quote that I love is “the course of love never did run smooth.”. Shakespeare shows this quote very well in a bunch of his plays because no one that was ever in love had it easy. There are many examples of this in his The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night;s Dream. In Shakespeare's Midsummer Night’s Dream three ways that love does not run smooth is because of other people, society, and because it takes hard work.
The first example that proves that quote right is that other people can always interfere with your love life. In life everyone has their opinions and some people will choose to try to force it on you and tell you what they think is right or cool. They do this because they feel if your not doing things their way you’re doing it the wrong way but that’s not true you’re just doing it your way. A big thing that people have opinions on is your partner and some will try to convince you of something you didn’t think or believe to start with and that can definitely make your course of love bumpy. Another thing that can complicate your love life is when other are jealous and try to make things hard between you. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Demetrius definitely interferes with Lysander and Hermia’s love life. When Demetrius is making a deal to marry Hermia with her father Lysan...

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...etrius.” act two scene II, line 87. She is saying that she wants him to stay or come back to her even if he kills her which show how willing she is to do absolutely anything for him.
If you have other people and society interfering with you and to much or not enough hard work going on can definitely make love course not run so smooth. The first example that proves that quote right is that other people can always interfere with your love life. Next, society has a big impact on some peoples lives, including love, and that is another reason why love doesn’t run smooth. Finally, sometimes love doesn’t run smooth because it takes hard work and some people aren’t willing to put that into their relationship but some are also to willing. Love’s road can be a hard course to go down but if you do than it is all worth it in the end.

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